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Cardiovascular Engineering in Istanbul

We talked about cardiovascular engineering and its future.   I was honored to be a  guest in Future Research Institute. Many thnaks to Coskun Dolanbay.


Carol Malnati

“- I wanted to be someone that encouraged young women to get involved in math, science, and engineering.”

Today, she’s doing just that.

As a product development engineer in the Medtronic cardiovascular division, Carol has been doing what she loves for more than 25 years. She provided critical technical expertise for the company’s first implantable cardioverter defibrillator and continues to collaborate with engineering teams and physicians to find new ways of doing things.

But on top of her day job, she has taken on another commitment – overseeing the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Initiative at the company.

Beginning in the spring of 2017, Medtronic introduced another opportunity that taps into an often overlooked talent pool.  Careers 2.0 is a “returnship” program designed to provide paid internships for female engineers looking to get back into STEM-related careers. Research suggests close to 25 percent of women in engineering careers leave the industry by age 30, citing work culture or family commitments.

“This is a way to bring these talented women back into our technical and managerial ranks,” says Carol. “We are very excited about providing this amazing pool of talent an opportunity at Medtronic.”

“Overall, I want to inspire women,” says Carol. “Whatever your passion is; clean air, fighting hunger, or improving healthcare. Behind the biggest challenges of humanity, there’s an engineer working to find a solution.”


Female ‘Clinician Engineer Hub’ Webinar Series

Welcoming you all to our upcoming female Clinician Engineer Hub Webinar series for this July.

‘Clinician Engineer Hub was born in a collaboration between clinicians and independent research groups at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Imperial College London, and King’s College London. This international hub is a non-profit organization that aims to bring together the clinical and biomedical engineering field and provide talented medical students and clinicians exposure to the world of clinical medicine, the challenges doctors face in diagnosing and treating patients, and how to potentially solve these issues with cutting edge engineering solutions.’

‘The hub allows medical students and clinicians fascinated by pathophysiology to understand the current diagnostic and treatment gaps in the clinical field and design effective solutions based on solid engineering principles. It will be revolutionary for your career with the unique opportunity to receive mentorship across world-renowned academic centers in the UK and abroad.’

Thanks Dr. Neel Sharma  for bringing such a team together!

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